Breezy Point Garden Club

Grant Year:  2018

Breezy Point Garden Club is encouraging residents of Breezy Point to build their own home gardens based on the renovations their homes went through after Sandy. The group is establishing a container garden, a rock garden, a raised-bed garden, a vertical garden, and a hanging garden so community members can learn how to replicate them based on their home’s abilities. Through these workshops the group is building relationships with the community and supporting community members take ownership in beautifying their spaces in a green and sustainable way.

Grant Year:  2017

Breezy Point Garden Club is restoring its garden after suffering damage from Superstorm Sandy. Club members are filling holes and adding soil to level the ground before laying pavers to make its spaces accessible and safe. Members are also removing weeds and debris before adding mulch and planting new plants in a vacant section of the garden.

Grant Year:  2016

Breezy Point Garden Club is revitalizing a community garden that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy three years ago. It is removing debris and weeds, and planting bushes and plants in the areas that the storm pulled them out. The group plans to repair the broken fence, label all the plants it installs and spread mulch on the day of the event.