Building 13 Association

Grant Year:  2017

Building 13 Association is upgrading and fortifying their garden beds to prevent local wildlife from destroying the plants. The group is providing an outdoor classroom and gardening experience for children to grow fruits and vegetables.

Also with a 2017 SWAB Grant, Building 13 Association is purchasing a compost tumbler so that residents and neighboring schools can drop-off food scraps at the garden. The group is leading outdoor compost workshops for the community, as well as conducting community outreach to get more neighbors involved.


Grant Year:  2016

Building 13 Association is providing free, local dance and yoga classes to promote mindfulness and physical wellness amongst the intergenerational community of the neighborhood. The program is being facilitated by yoga and Zumba professionals who are creating classes that will encourage participants to think of exercise as both necessary and fun.

Grant Year:  2015

Building 13 Association is transforming a derelict property into a new community garden where it is growing vegetables and fruits and providing workshops on nutrition and healthy living. It is involving neighborhood residents of diverse backgrounds and different age groups in the creatiion of the garden.