El Jardin del Paraiso Community Garden

Grant Year:  2018

El Jardin del Paraiso Medicinal Plot is continuing improvements from a previous Love Your Block grant and responding to the dumping of trash, drug paraphernalia,  and pet waste by passersby within tree beds located on the perimeter of the plot, through a block clean-up event. The group is planting rain garden plants, pollinators, and flowers within tree beds to restore local flora and fauna, amending soil, and installing protective mesh to curb waste and waste disposal. To maintain the improvements of the block, the group is hosting an Adopt-a-tree-project for residents to adopt a tree bed to maintain it and to create and maintain educational signage that shares education on street tree plants.

Grant Year:  2018

El Jardin Del Paraiso is improving sustainability of its medicinal plot by constructing a portable greenhouse fitted with gutters and installing rain-collection barrels. The garden's medicinal plot is growing a variety of plants commonly used for healing such as stinging nettle and motherwort, in addition to attracting pollinators with beebalm, echinacea, and the like. By installing a rainwater catchment system and greenhouse, El Jardin Del Paraiso is reducing their reliance on a nearby fire hydrant for water, and serving as an example of sustainable urban land use to the many neighbors and students who visit the plot throughout the season.

Grant Year:  2017

El Jardin del Paraiso is transforming a section of its garden that typically experiences trash dumping and littering. The garden group is painting the perimeter fence of the garden, creating signage that discourages dumping and littering, constructing a new pedestrian path to increase accessibility, laying a flagstone patio, weeding, and installing tree stumps as a place for seating to facilitate more programming.