Grant Year:  2018

Napela is continuing a summer arts and culture program for local immigrant youth. Participants are documenting and teaching folk art traditions that are indigenous to their respective communities, as well as learning drumming, dance, and poetry from local arts-based cultural practitioners. The project culminates in a public performance for community members.

Grant Year:  2017

Napela is engaging local youth through an all-girls cultural and educational summer camp. Camp activities are taught by local artists and include Liberian dance, storytelling, music, and video production. The camp culminates in an awards and performance celebration.


Grant Year:  2016

Napela is organizing a community-driven summer program for young immigrants living in the neighborhood to learn traditional dances, drumming, stories, and songs. Several artists and community organizations are working together to preserve cultural knowledge and pass it onto younger generations.

Grant Year:  2015

Napela is launching a community-driven, summer intensive cultural program that allows Liberian-Americans living in Staten Island to engage, identify and pass on Liberian cultural memory and tradition to the next generation. This summer program, carried out in collaboration with Staten Island's Cultural Feedback Archive program, teaches classes in home video making, photography and archival practices alongside classes on traditional Liberian cultural, art practices so that community residents can digitally curate and archive their living cultural memory on their own terms. The project culminates in a graduation celebration at Park Hill African Market.