Siempre Verde Garden

Grant Year:  2015

Siempre Verde Community Garden is partnering with Lower East Side Preparatory High School to build a living hydroponic wall. High school age students in summer school are working with gardeners and school staff to complete all aspects of the project, including planning, designing, building, and maintaining of the living wall.

Grant Year:  2013

The Siempre Verde Garden is transforming two vacant lots into an active and inclusive space for workshops, gardening activities, and cultural events. For the garden's first year of greening and educational use, the group is growing produce and ornamentals, vermicomposting, harvesting rainwater, and hosting carpentry workshops.

Grant Year:  2013

Siempre Verde Community Garden is beginning to collect food scraps from garden members and is building a bin to create compost for the garden. The group is hoping to extend food scrap collection to the surrounding community and offer on-site composting workshops to neighboring schools.