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Be it a community garden or a live music performance, we’ve archived hundreds of photos of our grant winners at work. Browse through our gallery for inspiration, and learn more about the projects that interest you. 

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Take a Citizens Committee tour through New York City using our map. Zoom in on your neighborhood to find grassroots projects in your community, or check out what’s going on near your school, workplace, or other points of interest. 

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Citizens Committee is honored to work with leaders committed to their neighborhoods. Hear their stories to learn more about the kind of grassroots community work that happens every day across New York City. 

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Your neighbors are up to big things.

From soccer leagues to greenhouses, art classes to community cookbooks, they’ve been improving every corner of New York City. 

What’s here is a celebration of the groups and projects we’ve supported.

See a list of our grantees: 

2017 Active Design Grantees

2017 Community Compost Grantees

2017 Love Your Block Grantees

2016 Community Compost Grantees

2016 Love Your Block Grantees

2015 Neighborhood Grantees

2015 Compost Grantees

2015 Love Your Block Grantees

2014 Neighborhood Grantees

2014 Love Your Block Grantees

2014 Compost Grantees

2013 Neighborhood Grantees

2013 Love Your Block Grantees

2012 New Yorkers for Better Neighborhoods Grantees

2012 Love Your Block Grantees

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