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Press Mentions

Format: 2018-08-16
Format: 2018-08-16

Peter Kostmayer, CEO of the Citizens Committee for New York City, which is funding The Bronx studio through a teaching grant, said he viewed the studio and was particularly excited about the project's ability to give young African-American men the opportunity to create videos about their cultural and intellectual history. "They're going to feel some pride in themselves, in their history," he said. "They hear so much of the opposite that we want them to hear all the great stuff.

'YouTube' Studio to Open in The Bronx in September
Eddie Small
July 27, 2015

This summer, [Vidur Beharry] is interning with the Citizens Committee for New York City, which has teamed up with the bank to revitalize Brook Park in Mott Haven. "This was an area that was blighted years ago," says Jeff Barker, president of Bank of America's New York City market. "Now it's a community garden, and it teaches children and adults about nutrition.

Best of the Bronx: A Princeton-bound student
News12 The Bronx
July 27, 2015

CEO Peter H. Kostmayer predicted the projects "will have an added benefit in later life of reducing health care costs by keeping today's children healthier not just during their childhood, but throughout their lives.

5 Staten Island schools get grants to promote healthy living
Diane Lore
July 21, 2015

In the last few years, Coqui’s work in promoting healthy lifestyles has been recognized through a series of awards and grants which include the 2015 Osborn Elliott Award for Community Service from Citizens Committee for New York City.

Coqui the Chef’s ‘Summer Cooking Camp for Kids’
Robert Wirsing
Bronx Times
July 18, 2015

[Samelys] Lopez, a resident of Briggs Avenue, grew tired of seeing the grey-colored eyesore wall tagged by gangs. She decided to apply for the grant through Citizens Committee for New York City to bring beauty to her block. 'The Citizens Committee grant is really great in terms of providing technical assistance to local non-profit and civic organizations so they can beautify their neighborhood,' said Lopez.

Briggs Avenue Wall Gets Mural Makeover Courtesy of Grant
Kimberly Jacobs
Norwood News
June 14, 2015


Featured Press Mentions

Members of the Woodhaven Cultural and Historical Society have launched a pop-up museum they hope will help inspire the next generation of historians in Queens and beyond... The banners cost about $2,000 and were paid for by donations, City Council funds and a grant from Citizens Committee for New York City. Eventually, the group hopes to find a permanent site for a museum that would also contain historical items, documents and oral histories from residents.

Woodhaven’s mobile museum delves into nabe’s rich history
Lisa Colangelo
October 15, 2017

Jordan Barker remarked, “I have seen the great work that the Citizens Committee does by connecting New Yorkers who want to effect positive change in their neighborhoods, to the funding needed to make this happen. I’m excited to be a part of this wonderful organization and I look forward to increasing the awareness of the Citizens Committee in local New York City neighborhoods.

Jordan Barker Named Vice Chair of Young Citizens Committee
Citizens Committee for New York City
June 21, 2017

Last Summer, the Citizens Committee for New York City, which works with grassroots groups in low-income areas of NYC, awarded [Lyeta] Herb a $2,700 grant for a shed, power tools and a water tank with a liquid harvesting system. The replaced beds will be the latest improvement at the garden, where Herb said a new set of 10-foot fences were installed after she said vandals trampled the lot’s plants in August 2016.

Volunteers Overhaul East New York Garden to Oust Wood-Boring Beetles
Tatyana Bellamy-Walker
June 16, 2017