Are you ready to be a part of Neighborhood 2.0?

Come together with your neighbors and make New York City even greater, block by block and community by community.

In Neighborhood 2.0, people from all backgrounds and parts of the city share their talents and creativity to improve the quality of life in local neighborhoods.  It's a people-powered movement that has an immediate impact.

  • Want to help create a community garden?
  • Want to be part of a local composting program?
  • Could you spend a Saturday morning beautifying a neglected block?
  • Got a cool idea of your own on how to improve the quality of life in a city neighborhood?
  • Just want to get involved and do some good?

Then you need to connect with Citizens Committee for New York City. 

Sign up today and learn how you can put your skills and knowledge to use to make NYC even greater.

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