Evening on the Lake Honoree: Aleeia Abraham

In her role of founder and director of Prototype Music, Aleeia Abraham draws on a decade-long career in the performance arts to ensure that every show produced by Prototype Music – from its premier annual event, the Queens Youth Music Festival – to local talent shows– is an exciting assortment of creativity, exciting performance, and community involvement.


Born and raised in Queens, New York to Caribbean parents, Aleeia began her career as a singer and songwriter. Her artistic ability, infectious energy, and organizational skills first attracted the attention of producers and managers all over Queens: she found herself hosting panels, seminars, and networking events for Sony Music, MTV, and Imagem. Combining her artistic knowledge with a trial-by-fire industry experience, Aleeia is determined to create an avenue for young talent from Queens to reach their highest potential with proper guidance, care, and mentor-ship. As Prototype Music and the Queens Youth Music Festival continue to grow, each event gives Aleeia a greater opportunity to make a positive impact on the kids from the community.


Aleeia's community involvement is not limited to performance arts and outreach. She is also a long-time active member of both the Eastern Queens Alliance and The Merchants Association of Rosedale. In this capacity she was able to create a space that combines her two interests. Prototype works with local non-profit Homes for Homeless to start regular youth music workshops with the kids living in the Saratoga Family Inn. Further, her years of teaching and training (she’s mentored three successful child acts; and continues to work on a regular basis), have imparted upon Aleeia a keen sense of how to get a child to listen and participate – two essential components in making a definitive, positive impact on their lives. Often coming from under-served communities, the students that have positively benefited from Aleeia’s tireless efforts learn and grow toward becoming the next leaders from Queens.