1100 Bergen Community Garden

Grant Year:  2017

1100 Bergen Community Garden is increasing its garden's capacity to accommodate new members. The group is creating more opportunities for engagement by upgrading its compost bins, increasing horticulture education, acquiring more garden tools, and extending garden hours.


Grant Year:  2015

1100 Bergen Street Community Garden is revitalizing its garden, which has fallen into disrepair, and engaging new members to take part in the effort. As part of this project, it is replacing garden tools that were stolen, refurbishing its tool shed to make it more secure, educating neighbors on composting, and engaging youth to maintain a large garden plot.

Grant Year:  2013

The 1100 Block Bergen St. Community Garden is repairing and restoring its 10,000 square foot space, which has fallen into disrepair. Members are testing the garden's soil to see if it is still safe for growing food, repairing fences, and installing new compost bins.