East 26th Street Block Association

Grant Year:  2018

Grant Type: Love Your Block Grant

Through the 2018 Love Your Block Grant, the East 26th Street Block Association is building relationships among block residents, the local precinct Youth Explorers, and local environmental stewarship groups to improve the physical appearance of the block by implementing a block beautification event where residents are cleaning tree pits and planting plants that work restore the natural ecology neighborhood through introducing pollinator and native plants that attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The Association is also utilizing CIty services for graffiti removal, repair and replacement of street signs, and installation of a speed hump to reduce speeding.

Grant Year:  2018

Grant Type: Neighborhood Grants

East 26th Street Block Association is improving the physical appearance of its block through a series of beautification events and the installation of resident artwork and bird feeders in planters designed, painted, and assembled by residents. In addition, the group is working to improve local literacy outcomes through the building of a "little free library" that will serve as a social and literacy hub for readers of all ages in proximity to the block.