Five Boro Story Project

Grant Year:  2018

Five Boro Story Project is organizing an oral history and activism project to bring together neighbors in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. The group's project is aiming to preserve local culture, history, and identity by hosting story circles at a series of community workshops whose programming includes the collection of local histories, support of and assistance from housing experts, and discussions regarding displacement. The project is culminating in an oral history event where narratives and histories will be presented and accompanied by songs, poetry readings, and art exhibits celebrating local culture.

Grant Year:  2017

Five Boro Story Project is using community-driven oral history to highlight the struggles and victories of community organizing against gentrification, displacement, criminalization, and policing of immigrant communities. The project is producing public storytelling programs, art installations, and videos that serve as educational resources and increase visibility of issues.


Grant Year:  2016

Five Boro Story Project is partnering with local organizations to create a storytelling, art, and oral history program to strengthen community and highlight the positive aspects of their neighborhood. They are offering a series of seven workshops, story circles, and discussions in local public spaces to bring neighbors together throughout the year, and the project is culminating in an event to share the stories and connections created through the project.