Literary Freedom Project

Grant Year:  2018

Literary Freedom Project is hosting a literary conference that is exploring the current wave of women's empowerment, including the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements and their responses to systemic patriarchy. The conference is for NYC-based educators, students, program, administrators, and parents to learn ways to integrate topic-connected books and reading into the lives of teenagers. It is strengthening literacy and developing educational strategies through creative workshops, women and youth-led panel discussions, and films focused on female and black identity.

Grant Year:  2017

Literary Freedom Project is hosting its Mosaic Literary Conference to provide informative programs to residents that strengthen reading and literacy in the community. The project is exploring historical and contemporary representations of black identity in literature, education, media, and photography and examining how literature can affirm positive imagery. The group is designing a free, supplemental lesson plan for parents and educators focused on the theme of black identity.