Mobile Print Power

Grant Year:  2017

Mobile Print Power is providing free bilingual printmaking workshops to a community predominantly comprised of immigrants. The group is teaching silkscreen printmaking techniques as a way to explore social and cultural topics. The group is using a mobile screen-printing cart to increase public projects, expand book publishing efforts, and collaborate with other community-based organizations that can benefit from the printmaking process.


Grant Year:  2016

Mobile Print Power is continuing its work in their printmaking workshop, utilizing silkscreen printmaking to engage the community in social and cultural issues. The workshop is open to the public and offers classes in English and Spanish to a largely immigrant population.

Grant Year:  2015

Mobile Print Power is providing bilingual printmaking workshops that are free and open to the public. The group is teaching different methods of printmaking and the history of the medium. The workshops are attended by a group of participants diverse in age, socio-economic class, and ethnic background.

Grant Year:  2014

Mobile Print Power is using art and storytelling to build community, spark conversations in public spaces, and increase awareness of issues impacting immigrants in the community. Using a portable printmaking cart, the group engages residents in conversation and gives them an outlet through which they can create and use art as a tool for reflecting on the issues that are important to them and their communities.