Project Attica

Grant Year:  2015

Grant Type:

Project Attica - Community Through The Arts is undertaking a new project focused on working with youth from different neighborhoods. The group is engaging the youth in art-centered workshops addressing civil rights, immigration, environmentalism, and other topics that students are choosing. These interactive workshops are fostering creativity, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Grant Year:  2014

Grant Type:

Project Attica is holding a series of workshops for high school students to learn about the connection between art and social issues. Teens are working collaboratively to discuss issues they are facing, and then learning how to design and silk screen t-shirts and posters. The resulting artwork is being featured in shows at local community centers to facilitate conversations about social justice and issues facing youth.

Grant Year:  2012

Grant Type:

Project Attica is engaging youth in a community art project. Youth are participating in critical workshops and panel discussions centered around their rights and responsibilities as young people of color. They are then interviewing neighborhood residents and designing visual maps as a means to exploring their communities and cultural histories.