Under Our Umbrella

Grant Year:  2018

Under Our Umbrella is creating a farmer’s market to increase access to healthy, affordable, locally grown food for residents in the community. The group is educating residents on nutritious eating through interactive workshops and cooking demonstrations, as well as hosting performances and physical fitness activities. The group is addressing food insecurity in the neighborhood and fighting for their right to healthy, nutritious food.

Grant Year:  2017

Under Our Umbrella is hosting a yoga series for transgendered and CIS gendered women. The group is providing participants with tools to decrease stress and anxiety, including a series of postures and breathing exercises to achieve control of the mind and body.


Grant Year:  2016

Under Our Umbrella is creating a book study and discussion group for trans and cisgendered women in the community to get to know each other. The sessions are allowing the women to build relationships and share experiences with one another through creative self-expression, facilitated discussion, and collective story-telling.