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Our online Neighborhood Resources is a collection of our favorite how-to guides, grant opportunities, workshops, city services and more. New York City is home to a wealth of resources—gather the tools to better your community here!

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Find a space for your community event!

SpaceFinder NYC is an excellent resource provided by FracturedAtlas (with support from the Kresge and Mertz Gilmore Foundations) that connects groups seeking space with the huge variety of options around New York City.

Type: General Resources

NYC Charter Revision 2019 Ballot Proposals

Check out this easy-to-digest listing of ballot proposals that New Yorkers will be able to vote on to help restructure the City's main governing document, the New York City Charter, and make sure to turn your ballot over to find them on November 5th!

Type: General Resources

Know Your Area Median Income to Advocate for Affordable Housing!

This portable guide makes Area Media Income (AMI) easy to understand in a clear, visual format; ANHD developed the AMI Cheat Sheet to help local residents, community organizers, and decision makers understand what AMI levels actually mean for their communities, and it has become an important tool

Type: General Resources

NY Votación Temprano - Guía al Nuevo Ley

En enero de 2019, el Estado de Nueva York comenzó la modernización de la ley electoral, la ampliación del acceso de los votantes mediante la promulgación de una forma flexible en persona“votación temprana” período, que entra en vigor en todo el estado para la elección general de noviembre 2019 y

Type: General Resources

VoteEarlyNY - Guide to the New Early Voting Law

In January 2019, New York State began modernizing the election law, expanding voter access by enacting a flexible in-person “Early Voting” period, which takes effect statewide for the November 2019 general election and all primary, run-off primary, special, and general elections thereafter...

Type: General Resources

What is ULURP? An Illustrated Guide from CUP.

Have you ever been curious about the City's Uniform Land Use Review Procedure? ULURP is the process by which community boards - and through them, community members - are able to guide development in their neighborhoods.

Type: General Resources