Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help New Yorkers —especially those in low-income areas— come together and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. 

Whether it's organizing a farmer's market, painting a mural, composting cafeteria scraps, or launching a dance camp, we can help make your idea a reality.

Diana Blackwell dreamt of lush gardens in her public housing development in Harlem. In place of concrete and vacant lots, she envisioned vegetables, flowers, and fruit. With other members of the Frederick E. Samuels Resident Association, Diana and her neighbors turned their vision into reality. Now, vertical gardens sprout herbs, vine-ripe tomatoes, and leafy greens. Other housing developments have followed suit, and the bounty grows.

When budget cuts made music classes a casualty in public schools, one Crown Heights musician had a backup plan. Matt Jamison launched Feed Your Mind Music, free weekly workshops teaching kids of all levels how to play, read, and write music. These culminate in group performances that enrich the community at large.

We’re Citizens Committee for New York City, one of the nation’s oldest micro-funding organizations. We raise money from foundations, corporations, and individual donors—then award it to amazing projects.

But we don’t stop there. We’re also here to listen to new ideas and offer active, hands-on help. That means we’re in your neighborhoods presenting workshops, meeting community leaders, even weeding the occasional garden.

In short, we help neighbors make their communities greener, friendlier and more resilient.