Resources & Training

From pointers on neighborhood organizing to suggestions on how to navigate city government or attract local press, our participatory workshops pack as much information as they pool. You'll meet useful contacts, pick up vital tips, and learn from the experience of others—good and bad.

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Our friendly staff provides hands-on, individualized input. Our staff will sit down with you and your group members to determine how to best cultivate your project—step by careful step.

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Need training beyond what we offer here? This resource is just what it sounds like: a comprehensive list of local organizations, grants, and city agencies that know your subject matter inside and out. We’ve organized this list by category: schools and youth, arts and culture, the environment, and other popular topics.

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Getting a project off the ground takes more than a great idea and some funding.

It calls for clear goals, smart strategy, and nuts and bolts equipment.

We've got you covered. Beyond money and grant funding, we provide plenty of other resources, too.