Press Mentions

Press Mentions

Format: 2018-12-10
Format: 2018-12-10

The College Avenue Block Association received a $1,000 "Love Your Block" grant to revitalize a lot in Mott Haven. The group is just one of 25 organizations that received grants from the Citizens Committee for New York City, which helps low-income neighborhoods enhance and improve public spaces.

Bronx Block Association Gets Grant to Clean Up Empty Lot in Mott Haven
Spectrum News | NY1
May 21, 2017

CEO Peter H. Kostmayer of Citizens Committee for New York City said: “Whatever may be happening in Washington DC, the neighborhoods of the nation’s largest city are committed to reducing the impact of climate change, increasing recycling and composting, and doing it from the bottom up. Citizens Committee for New York City has teamed up with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability to fund small community based groups doing all manner of environmental projects in neighborhoods across all five boroughs. In the absence of strong national policy to deal with climate change, New Yorkers are stepping up to do it themselves.

Volunteer Groups From Harlem To Hollis Receive “OneNYC Initiative” Neighborhood Grants
Harlem World
April 27, 2017

“We are incredibly humbled and thankful to be the recipient of this year’s Osborn Elliott Award for Community Service,” said RYTF Executive Director Milan Taylor. “When I founded The Rockaway Youth Task Force in 2011, I knew that youth and young adults like myself had so much to offer our community and to see that vision realized and validated is incredible. I am incredibly thankful for the entire RYTF Team and for the Citizens Committee for recognizing us for our hard work.

Rockaway Youth Task Force Honored
Gail Johnson
The Wave
March 17, 2017

On Monday, March 6, the Rockaway Youth Task Force was honored at the 2017 Citizens Committee for New York Gala.  Citizens Committee strives to improve the lives of New Yorkers living in low-income areas by providing support to grassroots organizations. RYTF received this year's Osborn Elliott Award for Community Service, which celebrates and honors individuals and organizations who work to improve local quality of life in New York's poorest communities.

RYTF Honored by Citizens Committee
The Rockaway Times
March 16, 2017

We’re betting [Assembly Speaker] Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) will stand up for good government and pollution prevention by rejecting the Senate’s attempt to block the city’s sensible new anti-litter statute.

Hands off NYC’s shopping bag fee
Eric Goldstein and Peter Kostmayer
New York Daily News
January 26, 2017

Peter H. Kostmayer, CEO of Citizens Committee for New York City, said: "What does it say about us that we are unwilling to either pay five cents for a plastic bag or bring our own reusable bag when shopping? Does it indicate the level of sacrifice we as Americans are willing to make to save our environment? Countries far poorer than ours have given up plastic bags in the fight against waste and climate change. Is it really too much to ask of ourselves? Are plastic bags something we can do without or at least reduce in the struggle to save our planet for our children and for their children? It’s not someone else’s decision. It’s ours. Do the right thing.

New York’s Environmental Groups Overwhelmingly Oppose Albany’s Plan to Roll Back Environmental Regulations & Overturn NYC’s Plastic Bag Law
Press Release
January 15, 2017


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Peter H. Kostmayer, CEO of Citizens Committee for New York City remarked: 'This is a maritime city. A city of islands. Even so, water is precious and we must guard its quality and quantity. Thanks to The Double -R- Foundation and Hugo Barreca this grant to a small band of New Yorkers will do just that by capturing and conveying water not wasting it or allowing it to do damage and using it to sustain just a little more green in a city with precious little.'

Announcing $5,000 Grant for First-Ever Post-Sandy Bioswale Project on LES
April 30, 2014

There are 400 neighborhoods in New York City, and each one is the key to a better world,” Peter adds. “It all starts around the block, and we’re lucky to have so many diverse communities with a strong infrastructure. Little things can make a huge difference. Every year, residents see an issue and come together to address it with support from us. We give them the seed money and watch them grow bigger... “We’re nimble,” he says with a smile, “because we can circumvent bureaucracy.

When NYC Hit Rock Bottom, Two Men Found A Simple Solution
Karen Moline
April 07, 2014

We are so grateful to HSBC USA for funding this pioneering contest that carries a simple message: New Yorkers themselves have innovative solutions for better conserving and protecting fresh, clean water,” said Peter H. Kostmayer, CEO of Citizens Committee. He continued, “The young scholars at P.S. 54 are proof that city leaders can indeed be 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders right here in The Bronx. Their remarkable project is a model for any student or teacher who wants to raise awareness about stewarding precious natural resources and treating our environment with respect.

'I Love The Bronx' column
Nilka Martell
The Bronx Free Press
March 26, 2014