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Press Mentions

Format: 2018-11-21
Format: 2018-11-21

Groups interested in applying for funds to support their Play Streets are encouraged to apply to the Citizens Committee for New York City's New Yorkers For Better Neighborhoods grants program. Groups interested in applying for a grant should submit both their grant application and Play Streets application to the Citizens Committee by January 31.

Transportation Alternatives Works With Local Groups to Support PlayStreets
Transportation Alternatives
January 25, 2012

Remember, back in the day, when you used to go outside and scamper around the streets of New York with all the other rosy-cheeked neighborhood kids, playing stickball and tag and hopscotch as the summer sun sank gently into the horizon?

Street Kids: Groups Want to Make NYC Roads Child Safe
Village Voice
January 25, 2012

The 100 Tile Mural was made possible by a grant from the Citizens Committee for New York, which awarded $2,750 as part of a New Yorkers for Better Neighborhoods grant. The idea for a community mural was that of Rifka Harris, a six-year Kew Gardens resident. She put together a committee, including Lacks, who wrote the grant, Grace Anker, owner of The Potter’s Wheel who hosted the artists at the studio in May, and another Kew Gardens Improvement Association board member, Rosemary Sherman.

A Sense of Pride from Kew Gardens Mural
Forest Hill Times
December 07, 2011

They received a grant from the Citizens Committee for New York City, an organization that seeks to improve the city's quality of life. "The people here are deeply committed to this community and preserving its beauty. We're able to provide them with a relatively modest grant of about 3,000 bucks."

Queens Mural a Celebration of Neighborhood's Roots
December 02, 2011

When Garcia received a grant from the Citizens Committee for New York to incorporate young people and families in the garden project, he reached out to Mrs. Lopez, who teaches Spanish at PS 65 and is a member of the Garden Committee, to ask if she would be interested in getting her students involved. Part of the grant proposal called for getting neighborhood families with children to use the fresh-grown harvest to promote healthier eating habits in the home.

Little Farmers Learn About Veggies, Seeds, Compost, and WORMS at Community Garden
Staten Island Advance
November 30, 2011

Thousands of city dollars are up for grabs to help community groups take on improvement projects in their neighborhoods, as the Citizens Committee for the City of New York is asking for allocations for its "Love Your Block Program," which provides matching grants up to $3,000 to help transform city blocks.

Citizens Committee Provides Grants to Transform Communities
November 29, 2011


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The new fund is intended to provide microgrants, from a few hundred dollars to more than $5,000, for the purpose of spurring local innovation and new neighborhood initiatives in Chelsea and Hudson Yards. 

Elected Officials Join 19 Private Sector Companies to Announce Innovative "West Side Community Fund"
Press Release
November 01, 2018

Members of the Woodhaven Cultural and Historical Society have launched a pop-up museum they hope will help inspire the next generation of historians in Queens and beyond... The banners cost about $2,000 and were paid for by donations, City Council funds and a grant from Citizens Committee for New York City. Eventually, the group hopes to find a permanent site for a museum that would also contain historical items, documents and oral histories from residents.

Woodhaven’s mobile museum delves into nabe’s rich history
Lisa Colangelo
October 15, 2017

Jordan Barker remarked, “I have seen the great work that the Citizens Committee does by connecting New Yorkers who want to effect positive change in their neighborhoods, to the funding needed to make this happen. I’m excited to be a part of this wonderful organization and I look forward to increasing the awareness of the Citizens Committee in local New York City neighborhoods.

Jordan Barker Named Vice Chair of Young Citizens Committee
Citizens Committee for New York City
June 21, 2017