Press Mentions

Press Mentions

Format: 2018-11-18
Format: 2018-11-18

Through Neighborhood Grants, Citizens Committee awards micro-grants of up to $3,000 to resident-led groups to work on community and school projects throughout the city.

Innovative Funding Programs for Placemaking
Project for Public Spaces
November 05, 2015

Saleen Shah, director of communications for the Citizens Committee for NYC, which is celebrating their 40th year, encourages city residents to, “Take a look around the neighborhood and brainstorm.” The two grants they are currently offering is the Neighborhood Grant, which is $3,000, application is due on Jan. 25 and the Love Your Block Grant, which is $1,000, and due Nov. 6.

Neighborhood Grants Offered In All Boroughs
Jon Cronin
Queens Tribune
October 22, 2015

Now in its fifth year, our community-scale composting grants are more successful than ever, increasing the number of volunteer-run compost drop-off sites in some of the most underserved neighborhoods of the city,” said Citizens Committee for New York City CEO Peter H. Kostmayer. “As always, we are grateful to Borough President Brewer and the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board for their relentless dedication to the cause of zero waste. The grant program is just one piece of the puzzle. Still it clearly demonstrates that New Yorkers can take control of the nutrient cycle locally and sustain it over time.

B.P. Brewer, Citizens Committee for NYC, and Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board reps promote neighborhood composting with visit to Chenchita’s Community Garden in E. Harlem
Press Release
October 07, 2015

After receiving a grant in May for $1,250 from Citizens Committee for New York City to paint the graffiti-tatted wall, Samelys Lopez gathered a team of artists to follow through with a mural. Teammates included Lady K Fever and Laura James from Bronx 200, and a group showcasing selections of artwork by 200 artists around the Bronx.

A Dull Wall Turns Bright, Thanks to Community Grant
Norwood News
October 03, 2015

Back in May, volunteer art and educational group, Art Ventures won the Citizens Committee for NYC 2015 Neighborhood Grant Award, allowing them to create the Lavender Studio and beautify the Rockaway Artists Alliance T7 Gallery with a lavender garden and promote use of the herb through art.

Lovely in Lavender
Rockaway Times
September 10, 2015

“We had a dream, we built a team, and we worked really hard and the dream came through,” said [project leader Deborah Roff], who added that she would like others to know that organizations like Citizens Committee for New York are there to help community-based endeavors like the garden, succeed.

Community gardeners in Edgewater Park open straw-bale garden
Patrick Rocchio
Bronx Times
August 15, 2015


Featured Press Mentions

The new fund is intended to provide microgrants, from a few hundred dollars to more than $5,000, for the purpose of spurring local innovation and new neighborhood initiatives in Chelsea and Hudson Yards. 

Elected Officials Join 19 Private Sector Companies to Announce Innovative "West Side Community Fund"
Press Release
November 01, 2018

Members of the Woodhaven Cultural and Historical Society have launched a pop-up museum they hope will help inspire the next generation of historians in Queens and beyond... The banners cost about $2,000 and were paid for by donations, City Council funds and a grant from Citizens Committee for New York City. Eventually, the group hopes to find a permanent site for a museum that would also contain historical items, documents and oral histories from residents.

Woodhaven’s mobile museum delves into nabe’s rich history
Lisa Colangelo
October 15, 2017

Jordan Barker remarked, “I have seen the great work that the Citizens Committee does by connecting New Yorkers who want to effect positive change in their neighborhoods, to the funding needed to make this happen. I’m excited to be a part of this wonderful organization and I look forward to increasing the awareness of the Citizens Committee in local New York City neighborhoods.

Jordan Barker Named Vice Chair of Young Citizens Committee
Citizens Committee for New York City
June 21, 2017