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$1,000 grants and City services to improve your neighborhood.
November 06
Beautify Your Block

DIY Workshop: Basics of Beekeeping

Learn the importance of pollination and the fundamentals of urban beekeeping!
October 10
Learn a New skill

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Our community map shows you where grantees are working in your neighborhood - find out what's going on and get involved!
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In 2014, your support helped us award $1.6 million in grants and support to 366 projects in 108 neighborhoods.
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Our mission is simple: to help New Yorkers—especially those in low-income areas—come together and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. 

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Youth & Schools

Other Side Intercultural Theater

Staten Island

The Other Side Intercultural Theater is offering a series of workshops to girls ages 8-13 at Staten Island MakerSpace.


Bedford Mosholu Community Association

Bedford Park

The Bedford Mosholu Community Association is painting a mural in a parking lot, replacing intimidating gang graffiti.


Art Ventures

Rockaway Beach

Art Ventures is planting lavender plants in a large area around the community arts center in the Rockaways, an area still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

In 2014, Citizens Committee...

Awarded $1.6 million in grants and support. 

Worked in every borough & in 108 different neighborhoods.

Mobilized more than 7,320 NYC residents.

Supported 366 grassroots projects.

349 generous donors and partners made this possible.

Upcoming Events

Oct 10 10:30

DIY Workshop: Beekeeping

Join us for a free workshop on the importance of pollination and the fundamentals of beekeeping i

Oct 17 11:00

DIY Workshop: Urban Gardening

Learn about garden design and planning for different spaces. 

Oct 24 11:00

Workshop: Media Tools

Increase public support for your group by framing your message and alerting local media.

Community Map

What's happening on your block? Take a Citizens Committee tour through New York City using our Community Map. Zoom in on your neighborhood to find out what's happening in your community.

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