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Autumn in the Park

Join us for an evening of jazz, gondola rides, and supporting the work of Citizens Committee.
September 20
Autumn in the park

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In 2015, your support helped us award $1.6 million in grants and support to 367 projects in 118 neighborhoods.
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Our mission is simple: to help New Yorkers—especially those in low-income areas—come together and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. 

Recently Funded Projects

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Food & Health

Friends of Garden Kitchen Lab St. John's Recreation Center Senior Group

Crown Heights

Friends of Garden Kitchen Lab St. John's Recreation Center Senior Group is organizing a summer festival to kick off a local, urban food-growing challenge.

Physical Fitness

Building 13 Association

Co-op City

Building 13 Association is providing free, local dance and yoga classes to promote mindfulness and physical wellness amongst the intergenerational community of the neighborhood.

Youth & Schools

Bronx International High School at Morris Campus


Bronx International High School at Morris Campus is creating an afterschool program to teach students how to build, repair, and maintain bikes.

In 2015, Citizens Committee...

Awarded $1.6 million in grants and support. 

Worked in every borough & in 118 different neighborhoods.

Mobilized more than 7,340 NYC residents.

Supported 367 grassroots projects.

343 generous donors and partners made this possible.

Upcoming Events

Sep 20 6:00

Autumn in the Park

Join Citizens Committee for an evening of light fare and drinks, live jazz, and gondola rides at

Sep 24 11:00

Neighborhood Leadership Institute: Basics of Community Organizing

Bring neighbors together to work on issues that matter to you.

Oct 01 11:00

Neighborhood Leadership Institute: Group Structure

Build and maintain an effective neighborhood association or community group.

Community Map

What's happening on your block? Take a Citizens Committee tour through New York City using our Community Map. Zoom in on your neighborhood to find out what's happening in your community.

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