Bronx Sunshine Community Garden

Grant Year:  2018

Bronx Sunshine Garden is hosting workshops that promote community cohesiveness while educating residents on emergency preparedness. Since Hurricane Irma destroyed Puerto Rico, community members are experiencing trauma in dealing with the effects of climate change. The garden is hosting workshops on how to best prepare for environmental disasters by educating neighbors on recycling, composting, emergency preparedness, and additional resources available in the Bronx.

Grant Year:  2017

Bronx Sunshine Community Garden is promoting health and financial independence in their community by teaching residents how to prepare fresh produce in healthy and economically savvy ways. The group is hosting a workshop series addressing financial burdens, which directly affects access to food quality and includes topics such as budgeting tools, financial planning, and money saving tips.


Grant Year:  2016

Bronx Sunshine Community Garden is hosting workshops and cooking demos in its garden to connect the community's cultural knowledge of food to education about healthy eating, gardening and healthy lifestyle choices. The group's project culminates in a healthy book fair in which participants exchange literature about various health topics and access health resources.

Grant Year:  2015

Bronx Sunshine Community Garden is providing a platform for elders to mentor local youth through educational social activities and events. The garden is hosting movie nights, and elders are teaching cooking, sewing, and yoga classes. Youth are organizing historical tours of the community under guidance from their mentors.

Grant Year:  2013

Bronx Sunshine Garden is continuing to grow and distribute fruits and vegetables to the neighborhood. It is reaching out to a larger audience with its message of healthier living. Their community classes teach adults and children the importance of proper nutrition.