Art and Resistance Through Education

Grant Year:  2017

Art and Resistance Through Education is implementing a year-long, educational, and arts-based project in which a cohort of young women of color are engaging juvenile justice and the system of mass incarceration through arts-based workshops. This year-long project is culminating in a public art installation, developed and installed by the cohort, that engages and educates the local community on these issues. 


Grant Year:  2016

Art and Resistance Through Education is facilitating an exploratory art class in which ninth through twelfth graders are larning new skills like print-making and wheat-pasting, and other popular techniques used in street art. The students are also working together on a mural project that uses images to raise awareness of human rights. The mural is being unveiled to the community and students are educating their families and friends on their projects.


Grant Year:  2015

Art and Resistance Through Education is working with high school students, using art to explore issues of human rights and social justice. Students are learning about global human rights issues and working with teaching artists to create a mural honoring human rights activists whom they admire. The project is culminating in an awareness campaign through which students will share with their communities what they have learned and how they can take steps to address issues.