Grant Year:  2018

STooPS is partnering with the Laundromat Project to organize an interactive art program on stoops and storefronts in the neighborhood. Local artists are presenting diverse works, such as dance, theater, music, and visual arts. Through the project, the group is developing a practice of meaningful and intentional community engagement through creative outlets.

Grant Year:  2017

STooPS is involving residents and local artists in its fifth annual community building event. Through dance, theater, music, visual arts, trade booths, and hair sculpture on brownstone stoops and storefronts, the two-day event is expanding the legacy of local stoop social culture while facilitating dialogue among neighborhood residents. 


Grant Year:  2016

STooPs is organizing a public art and community-building event, fostering ties between residents, artists and local businesses. Over 30 Brooklyn-based artists are creating interactive art on neighborhood stoops and storefronts, turning formerly private spaces into public ones.

Grant Year:  2015

Stoops Bed Stuy is hosting a day of performances by local artists in the public spaces of the neighborhood's brownstone stoops and storefronts. These performances include dance, theater, music, visual art, spoken word and a Kiddie Korner featuring various children's art activities. This project provides an opportunity to bridge the gap between old and new residents as the community continues to rapidly change, highlights neighborhood resources through engagement with local public spaces.

Grant Year:  2014

Stoops BedStuy is organizing a one day neighborhood-wide event promoting art and community through performances and exhibitions by local artists. The performances take place on brownstone stoops and business storefronts, engaging residents and passersby's, providing opportunities for conversations, and encouraging patronage of local businesses. The centerpoint of the event, a historic brownstone mansion, is serving as a resource fair and showcase for participating local businesses.