Chelsea & Hudson Yards Innovation Grants

The West Side Community Fund and Citizens Committee for New York City are partnering to award grants for projects involving youth, seniors, and under-served residents in Chelsea or Hudson Yards.

Two priority areas are:

1) Youth

Including but not limited to: school enrichment programs, early childhood initiatives, after-school programs, teen recreation and workforce development, health care (mental, addiction, pre-natal, infant), arts and culture programs, safety projects

2) Underserved Populations

Includes seniors, homeless, people with disabilities, and those with special needs served by food pantries and soup kitchens, job training and placement, healthcare and LGBT programs


There are three grant levels:

1) Micro Grants (up to $2,500) - to fund smaller innovation projects carried out by neighborhood groups, including block and tenants’ associations, civic groups, and schools or teachers for their classes. 

2) Mid-level Grants (up to $5,000) - to fund new initiatives with greater reach and impact, including collaboration among several organizations. 

3) Large Grants ($5,000+) - to fund larger scale programs, including new initiatives, expanding innovative projects, or  collaboration among several organizations (such as schools or religious institutions). 


Chelsea & Hudson Yard Innovation Grants are funded through the generous support of 20 businesses and firms which have created the West Side Community Fund:
BlackRock  //  Boies Schiller Flexner  //  The Boston Consulting Group  //  Coach Foundation  //  Cooley LLP  //  Engineers Gate  //  Google  //  IAC  //  Jamestown  //  KKR  //  L'Oréal // Pfizer Inc  //  Related/Oxford Hudson Yards  //  RXR  //  SAP  //  Silver Lake  //  Taconic Investment Partners  //  Third Point LLC  //  Warner Media LLC  //  Wells Fargo

Application Instructions 


Review Our Eligibility Requirements

The Chelsea and Hudson Yards area to be served is between 14th and 38th streets, see map in application guidelines for exact boundaries. Eligible organizations and projects are either located in Chelsea or Hudson Yards or located elsewhere but provide services to residents of the area.

Eligible applicants include neighborhood organizations, block and tenant associations, non-profits, city agencies, schools, health clinics, NYCHA projects, police community programs, religious institutions, homeless facilities, etc. Individuals who deliver services, such as teachers, are also eligible to apply.

Grants cannot support religious or partisan activities, nor programs that promote any form of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.