Measure the Impact of Your Garden!

Mar 23

Measure the Impact of Your Garden!

6:00pm to 8:00pm, Manhattan

D Rooney and Sheryll Durrant, fellows at the Design Trust for Public Space, will be leading a series of workshops on the Farming Concrete (aka Five Borough Farm) Toolkit for measuring the good things happening in your garden. Want to know how many pounds of food scraps are going into your compost instead of the landfill? Want to measure the impact of your garden on gardeners’ and visitors’ moods? The toolkit is full of protocols to help your garden set (and achieve) goals, communicate with funders and policy makers (ahem HPD), and help make the case for more community gardens, school gardens, and urban farms. 

There’s also a handy free website online where you can store the data (the Barn), which lets you download your raw data as a spreadsheet or a summary report as a PDF anytime you want.


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